Collier OMA Program
OMA At Collier
Our Collier Kindergarteners and 2nd graders benefit from weekly Dance instruction through the OMA program. Our dance teacher, Ms. Wendy Joy, uses her expertise in dance to develop and practice math skills in each of the grade levels mentioned above. Our Kindergarteners work with Ms. Wendy for 30 minutes each week during the 2nd semester of the school year. They learn how to warm up their bodies, engage in an interactive read aloud on a math concept (i.e. shapes, numbers, patterns), and then apply their discussion from the read aloud to dance movement. Our 2nd graders follow a similar format, but meet with Ms. Wendy for 45 minutes. They work on place value, 2D and 3D shapes, and math operations. Our students look forward to Ms. Wendy’s engaging and fun dance class!

Our Collier 1st and 3rd graders benefit from weekly Visual Art  through the OMA program. Our art teacher, Ms. Sarah Howard, uses her expertise in art to develop students knowledge of visual art concepts. The students learn the technical skills and processes in creating beautiful art works, while being able to be individually artistic and creative. Both grade levels meet with Ms. Howard for one hour per week during the 1st Semester of the school year.

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