Staff Directory

Administration and Office
Lisa Langford
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Ida Melen
Office Manager
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Tina McCarty
Attendance Clerk
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Kristi Smith
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Maryluna Girardot
Health Clerk
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Cyndie Cruze
Preschool/Community School Director/Teacher
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Mary Anderson
Kindergarten Teacher
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Amy Brauer
1st Grade Teacher
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Swava Salois
2nd Grade Teacher
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Cynthia Busby
3rd Grade Teacher
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Charles Miller
4th Grade Teacher
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Amanda Espinoza
5th Grade Teacher
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Jessica Gonzalez
CCS Resource/Exceptional Education Teacher
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David Palomino
ELD Teacher
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Anna Kantarges
Preschool Assistant
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Support Staff
Jenny Osborne
Multi-Tiered System of Supports Facilitator (MTSS)
Family Engagement Coordinator
Website/Social Media Editor
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Ashley Williams
Counselor Intern
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Erika Stocker
Reading Interventionist
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Hope Ramsay
Math Interventionist
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Luanna Bozzolo
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Judi Davis
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Ex. Education Teaching Assistant

Debra Jacobs
Occupational Therapist
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Cindy Gonzales
Physical Therapist
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Annette Briones
Cafeteria Manager
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Hiwet Tekle
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Jose Quiroz
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Special Areas
Daisy Loomis
Library Assistant
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Emily Lambert
GATE Teacher
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Wendy Joy
OMA Arts Integration Specialist 
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Amelia Parris
Orchestra 4th/5th Grade
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Clifton Weston
Band 5th Grade
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